Salt Gypsy

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of meeting Hayley Shaw-McGuinness and Mikala Wilbow, jumping from boat to boat over here in the Maldives.  Another creative and talented duo (also check out Cos We Can) hailing from Sydney`s Northern Beaches, they`ve been busy creating a community of like-minded surf wahine through surf sessions, photography, and organised surf trips. We think there`s a lot more coming from these two and their collaborations so read on to find out a little more of what drives these ladies….

Can you tell us a bit more about the Shesurfs community and how it came about? We both love surfing and being creative in our own different ways. We were always talking about creating something where girls who loved surfing could go to learn more, make new friends and be creative. Shesurfs was an avenue where Mikala can share her surf lifestyle imagery…

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