SOAL BAHASA INGGRIS (SMP)                                     Kode Soal: 58

Judul : Factual Information


1. Ali and Ani had a vacation. They went to Prapat. They wanted to visit Hadi’s family. Mr. Anwar, Ali and Ani’s father, went together with them. They went there by bus. They left Medan at six o’clock in the morning and arrived in Prapat at nine. Edi and Tati were waiting for them at the bus station.                                                                 


How did they get to Prapat?

A. By bus

B. By train

C. Went together

D. With Mr. Anwar


2. Attention please!

For all year 7 students of SMP N 3 Cipanas.

Friday afternoon, 22ndof March 2011, our school will hold Boy Scout activity from 2 p.m – 4 p.m at our school hall. 

Bring a piece of rope, a stick, and an “SKU” book.

Thanks for your attention.

For more information, please contact: Mr. Poe!


Who is the announcement for?

A. Mr. Poe

B. All the teachers

C. All the students

D. The 7 grade students



For number 3-4

 Dear Aunty Ami,

How nice of you to send me a crystal necklace! I was planning to wear a pink dress with my new bracelet to the prom party, and the necklace makes a perfect match.

The party is going to be more special than ever. The students are having dancing competitions and many kinds of elections.



3. Who wrote the letter below?

A. Nana

B. Aunty Ami

C. The students

D. Nana’s mother


4. What did Aunty Ami give to Nana?

A. A pink dress

B. A new bracelet

C. A crystal necklace

D. A nice golden ring


5. Hello, my name is Magic Sloanne. I live with my cousins, Donny and Bryan, at 60 Hyde Park Street. It is near Lakeland Street. This is my new neighbor. His name is Vicky Martinez. He lives on the same street as I live. I like have a friend like him because he is very clever and kind.

Who is Magic Sloanne?  

A. Donny’s brother

B. Bryan’s nephew 

C. Vicky’s cousin

D. Bryan’s cousin


6. Johan promised to pick his sister up from school at 5 yesterday. As the school only one kilometer from his office, he just stopped working at 5 pm. He ran all the way to the bus stop but he missed it. He decided to take a taxi and arrived at his sister’s school at 5.10 but she was not there.

How far is the school from John’s office?

A. 1 km

B. Very far

C. Five km

D. 5.10 km



For number 7-8

How to make jelly

–  Empty contents of a packet of jelly crystals into

    the jug.  

–   Add boiling water.

–   Stir well until crystals dissolve.

–   Add the cold water and stir.

–   Pour mixture into a bowl.

–   Refrigerate until firm.


7.   How many steps do we need to make jelly?

A. 5         

B. 7

C. 6         

D. 8


8. What should you do after pouring the mixture into a bowl?

A. add the seasoning             

B. make it cold

C. stir it well     

D. freeze it


9.  One autumn day as some ants were busily storing grain for the winter, a hungry grasshopper begged for food. One ant asked what the grasshopper had been doing during the summer while they had been gathering food. “Ah!” he sighed. “I sang all summer long.” At this the ant said that he could dance all winter too – and carried on working.


When did the story above take place?

A. In an autumn.

B. In a summer .

C. In a winter.

D. In a spring


10. A hotel is the home of the guests and tourists, when they are away from home. The first impression the guests have of a hotel is the way the doorman and the bellboy at the door and the clerks at the front desk greet them. The guests often form their opinion of the hotel by reception they receive. The guests are usually happy if they feel welcome and can get to their rooms quickly.

Who works at the front desk to greet the guests?

A. clerks

B. bellboy

C. doorman

D. tourists






kirim ke alamat email tve.helpdesk@gmail.com

(batas waktu menjawab pukul 12.00 WIB sblm Siaran dimulai pada Hari Senin, 8 Agustus 2011)



Nama :……….. KODE SOAL:…….

Asal Sekolah :…………………….. Kelas : …………..

Alamat Lengkap Sekolah :…………………………………

Telp Sekolah :………..

No HP :………..



Jawaban (..Tulis mata pelajaran…) optionnya saja..


1. …………….

2. ……………….


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