Quiz : Past Continous Tense (Passive Voice)

1. The cars ………………. by the mechanics when you came to the workshop.
a. were repaired
b. were being repairing
c. were being repaired

2. My boat ……… by my staff when you wanted to saw it.
a. was cleaned.
b. was being cleaned.
c. was cleaning

3. Adi and Indra ………… by their boss to Wamena when the problems occurred.
a. were assign
b. were being assign
c. were being assigned

4. My book ………… by the editor, when the printing company asked me about it.
a. was checked
b. was being checked
c. was being checking

5. The paper ……….. by him, when his lecture wanted to see it.
a. was being preparing
b. was being prepared
c. was being prepare

By muhibfunkyou

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